Ramblings of One Weary Soldier
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I served with honor and integrity.  Now it's time for the VA to step up.
Welcome to the new and improved Ramblings of One Weary Soldier.  Why the move from blogspot?  Blogspot has served me well.  I freely admit that.  But I've outgrown that free site.  It's time for my site and I to expand.  By doing that I can serve you, my friends and fellow Veterans much better.  It's going to take several months to accomplish the move.  Until I get that done, please continue to use the old site at http://www.onewearysoldier.blogspot.com.  Once I'm happy with the way this site is set up and functioning, I will archive the Blogspot site.  Thank you for your patience with I continue to make things better for all of you.

You will find, I hope, that I will be more organized here.  That is my goal.  I hope to offer you more content, more guest bloggers and the same information, if not MORE that you've come to expect when you come to One Weary Soldier.  Please email me with any comments, criticisms and suggestions you may have.  This site is for you.  I encourage and appreciate your input.

I have many people to thank.  First and foremost I must t.hank my wife, Terri.  She has supported me from the day we first met.  I couldn't do this without her.  She has been there for me through thick and thin.  You, my faithful readers, know that I have PTSD.  This is nothing new to any of you.  My wife knows that as well.  I'm not easy to live with.  Still, my wife tolerates me day after day after day.  I love her like I love no other.  She is an amazing woman.  If you've been following my blog faithfully, you've read about our struggles to fight for VA benefits for my wife.

I also have to thank my friend, Jim Strickland.  I couldn't have made this move without his support.  He is my friend, my mentor, my coach and my confidante.  Without his guidance this website would not be.  Thank you, Jim.  Your belief in me is a constant source of support.

Who is the "One Weary Soldier"?  It started out being me.  As I began to write, I found out that it wasn't just me.  I wasn't alone.  I found out there were thousands and thousands of you, my brothers and sisters, who were just as weary as I was.  We were tired of fighting the system that is called the Veterans AdministrationYou found my blog, started reading and reached out to me.  That got the ball rolling.

So please, during this transitional phase over the next few months, please continue to visit my Blogspot Site, and for more detailed information visit my sister sites, VA Watchdog dot Org and Vet Spouse.  You'll be very glad that you did.
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